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St. Louis Recording Studio
Christian Recording Studio in St Louis


St Louis Recording Studio


To A.l.M.M.

Based near St. Louis, MO, All IN Music & Media is a production and recording company that provides excellence in music and video content for media and entertainment.  A key feature of AIMM is Music House Recording Studio.  The studio affords the flexibility to not only develop original content from the AIMM production team; but also provides a modern and professional venue here in the Midwest where clients and artists can let their creativity flourish.

We're an independent production company, so we value working with clients who may be  new to music and media.  We prioritize music and media content for and from the community of Faith. Small business, agencies and non profits may find our combination packages of audio, video and photography useful in their marketing and promotion efforts. To see samples of our video projects, click Here

Thanks for visiting this site, please feel free to reach out with any questions!

Music House Recording Studio

Music House Recording Studio is nestled in a peaceful community with over 100 acres of woods, meadows, streams and wildlife.  Music House was professionally designed with a layout that is especially conducive for recording voice and instruments. 


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