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Professional video is one or the most powerful mediums to capture, craft, and share stories.  All IN Music & Media(AIMM) can assist clients in storytelling by allowing you to take the lead in shaping your own narrative. Integrating video with customized music ensures the end result appropriately reflects your values and objectives.


Our Process

After we’ve met to determine the vision for your project, AIMM comes on location with lighting, recorders and a multi-camera setup to film and capture fresh footage and audio. We then edit all of the audio and video at Music House Recording Studio, incorporating any customer supplied logos, photos, or stock video. The result is professionally produced video with studio grade audio that conveys your message.  Importantly, as client you own not only the finalized edited piece, but all of the raw files, so that you have additional footage for your archives and media library.

Contact us for a custom quote for your next video, here are a few things to consider:

  • What is it you want to show and share via video?

  • Who is your audience, who will be viewing the video?

  • What action do you want viewers to take after seeing your video?

  • What is the ultimate goal of the video, what can be tracked and measure to prove success?


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